About SAFE

What is SAFE?
SAFE stands for Shelburne Alliance for the Environment. SAFE is a group of residents in Shelburne who support the town’s goals of protecting Shelburne’s environment and rural character as described in the town plan.

How does SAFE work to protect Shelburne’s environment?
SAFE members gather and share information with Shelburne’s town committees and boards, state representatives, and residents. We also study and share success stories from other Vermont towns that have successfully balanced development with conservation goals.

How is SAFE organized?
SAFE has a steering committee that meets regularly and the group’s members pick timely projects of greatest interest, including natural environment protection, housing development that prioritizes open space, land use and government, and communications.

How can I get involved?
SAFE welcomes new members who treasure Shelburne’s natural beauty and resources. Here are a few ways to participate:

Where can I get more information about SAFE?
More information is available at https://www.safe-shelburne.com/home. If you have questions, please email us at ShelburneSAFE@groups.io.