Town Government

Current Town Happenings Relevant to the SAFE Mission

Selectboard (SB)

Planning Commission (PC)

Development Review Board (DRB)

The DRB regularly reviews proposed development projects for compliance, and public comments can often be critical to shaping the outcome.  Most large proposals will involve environmental issues, and a critical need is for the NRCC to have an adequate opportunity for review and input.  This process has not always gone smoothly, but changes have recently been adopted.  SAFE supports the NRCC in it's efforts get timely input opportunities for all developments.

Information packets for DRB meetings can be found HERE

Natural Resource & Conservation Committee (NRCC)

Here is the general link on the Shelburne website for all current and past meetings

Here is a link that describes the various entities of town government

Here are some important links to the Shelburne zoning regulations and related documents