Our Goals

Our goals start with your goals -- as expressed in Shelburne's Comprehensive Town Plan. The town plan was last updated in 2018 and adopted in 2019, after hundreds of hours of work by volunteers and residents. It is truly a wonderful document and we encourage you to look at it here: Town Plan

If there is one part of the town plan that inspires the efforts of SAFE, it is this:

Shelburne’s identity is intimately linked with its visual character and the town is fortunate to possess outstanding scenic, natural, and historic assets. These characteristics distinguish Shelburne from neighboring communities but are threatened by growth and development pressures. If they are to continue in the future Shelburne must pursue a holistic vision for how future development everywhere in Shelburne should proceed. (pg. 5)

It is true that the town plan is not a regulatory document that informs the day-to-day enforcement of the town's zoning regulations, but the statutory authority of the town plan is even more important. Under Vermont state law the town plan must serve as the foundation for all municipal regulations.

Here is a document that contains several other excerpts from the town plan that we believe are significant for Shelburne's land use planning: Town Plan Excerpts

And here is a document that shows the more specific goals of SAFE as we seek to take action, advocate, communicate and educate: SAFE Goals